After you have signed up and tried a few of our classes the first thing to do is come in for your assessment. This where the trainer will do your Inbody analysis  assessment, you can schedule your assessment with a Fit Forward trainer. Check out our schedule in the top right of the page.The assesment wil tell you your body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, BMI  and water percentage. Based off of these results we can assess and do your goal setting. What ever your recommended goal may be you will need to commit to at least 45 minutes each time your in the gym. You will attend  typically between 3-5 times per week depending on your recommendation. If you follow this training program you will experience all the health related benefits of physical activity. The results you are looking for will be yours.

What is FIt Forward Boot Camp

Get leaner and stronger
Feel more positive and energetic
Reduce injury, illness and disease
Improve performance at chosen sport(s)

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World-class, passionate coaches
Life-changing programs
Welcoming and motivational atmosphere
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  •  Trainer will take your measurements, Body Fat and do your goal setting. Then you will do a physical assessment test to determine your starting point. Based on your physical test the trainer will recommend a routine schedule for you to follow.
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